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Mulch Services in Newark, OH

If you need someone to mulch your lawn, count on the team at J&B Lawn Service. Since 1996, we’ve laid down mulch for customers throughout Licking County. Our mulch services will improve the health and appearance of your lawn, which will improve the overall appearance of your property.

Mulch Services

Mulching provides a ton of benefits for your lawn, including:

  • Reducing moisture loss in the soil
  • Controlling weed growth
  • Protecting roots during extreme temperatures
  • Improving soil aeration, structure and drainage
  • Making soil more fertile
  • Inhibiting various plant diseases
  • Reducing tree and lawn mower damage
  • Giving your lawn a well-kept look

But mulching yourself can be time-consuming, especially when you don’t know what kind of much to get or how much to lay down. At J&B Lawn Service, we’ll be with you every step of the way for all your mulching needs. We offer various kinds of organic and inorganic mulch for you to pick from. Once you’ve picked the mulch that best suits your needs and lifestyle, our licensed team will lay down just the right amount of mulch on any part of your lawn you need. When we’re finished, you’ll have a perfectly mulched lawn that will reap the benefits of proper mulching right away.

For honest and dependable mulch services, call 740-403-7999.